Marie LeBlanc
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Address: Japan, Tokyo

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Marie LeBlanc

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"Here comes trouble" I’ve heard that my entire life. It’s not necessarily that I am trouble; I just happen to think it’s exciting. I love a good secret, especially a naughty one. Being devious is a pastime of mine, and one I find thoroughly enjoyable. Being dominant and handy with a paddle or whip, I'm assured in my manner, but I’m not hard-edged. Diving into new experiences with a debonair individual is a truly fulfilling experience for me. I see that kink in the back of your mind and that twinkle in your eye, and I want to explore it. I am sensual by nature: a bit romantic, a bit shy at first, then finally bold when you crack my exterior and get down to my true nature. I mentioned I was dominant. If you're curious what it would be like to be put into line by a beautiful, lithe and sexy young mistress, I'm your girl.