year-old Emma Touring Tokyo
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Address: Japan, Tokyo

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year-old Emma Touring Tokyo

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I am a 21 year-old independent lady from Sweden, currently studying in Japan for another few months. During two weekends I will be visiting and Tokyo and also be available for bookings. The dates are as follow: - 6th March until 9th March - 12th March until 16th March So who am I? I have a flair for everything that stimulates the mind and a keen interest in those I choose as my clients. My desire is for you to have an intense, sensual and serene experience while feeling completely adored. To me, chemistry and a similar mind set is imperative in order for us to have the most enjoyable meeting possible. Therefore, I would love to know any fetisches, kinks or role-plays you might want to fulfil. As I'm a student I'm afraid I can't include my face here, but will happily mail a potential client. My passions vary from literature, food, languages, running and jazz to analogue photography. Nihonshu does also have a very special place in my heart. I am fluent in English, know a bit of French but am definitely more proficient in conversational Japanese. Interested in discussing an appointment? Please contact me by mailing and include your name, age, city, occupation as well as your deepest wishes. Please understand that I request this information only for the sake of my security and will immediately delete any contact information afterwards. Kisses, Emma