Affinia Devonshire
vip escort Tokyo

Address: Japan, Tokyo

Phone: Not available

FAX: 26

Email: American,British


Affinia Devonshire

Description - Affinia Devonshire vip escort Tokyo

Intimate & Nurturing Escort - Sensual International Model Companion Sensual, stimulating, and sophisticated are words that best describe me. I’m driven to deeply sympathize and nurture those who are wandering in search of their oasis. I find myself progressively looking for new things to try, places to experience and people to meet. You could easily say that I have a healthy appetite for life. The best moments in my life are those I can share intimately with others. Being a spiritually sensual being; I find that we are all looking for solace in a sacred place with someone who let’s you “bare all” to ease the soul. Seeking an authentic genuine connection with someone. Someone who nurtures your vulnerabilities and encourages your fantasies. Someone who leaves you rejuvenated in the world to handle another day. Do you like discussing world events, speculating on changing economic cultures, or are you an oenophile or gourmet, a hobbyist of travel, or have some other passion you’d like to share with me? Are you a curious couple wanting to explore more of your sensualities and desires? There are many many different ways to which we could share our interests & we should make haste in discovering all of them. What memories will we make together? Kiss Me, Affinia x