Mistress Tsubaki
independent escort Tokyo

Address: Japan, Tokyo

Phone: 81649632242

FAX: 32

Email: Japanese

Website: http://fetishi-sm.com/

Mistress Tsubaki

Description - Mistress Tsubaki independent escort Tokyo

Going beyond typical or hard-core style of S&M, why not broaden your perspectives on the world with Japan's original bondage, wax, whipping, flogging and much more. We do counseling with a new customer to fulfill your deeper emotional needs and desires. Everyone has secret longings. Open your heart freely without any restrictions. Want to feel ashamed or to be seen in your ashamed figure? Want to be dressed as a woman to be someone else? Want to be caressed on every inch of your body? Want to wait on someone hand and foot? Looking for new sensations? We welcome everyone from beginner to experienced.