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Phone: 12829286129

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American Elise Jolie Nov -

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Visiting Tokyo Nov 5-11 *Please note USA number will CHANGE to a local Tokyo number while in Tokyo. Check ad for updated number during my tour dates.* You probably noticed her upbeat personality... Her voice, her words, her aura. You shut your eyes and you can see her skipping, sending a smile your way. She hides her face, blushing at the look in your eye, a comment you made. Made you smile didn't it? Silly girl, and you like it. Then that smirk, you see it in her eyes, that mischief. Suddenly that wink. Ooh you know her. What is she today -sweet, sensual, or both? That devil. She makes your blood boil. She is kind but ooh so...full of life. Her laugh is magical. Her personality is captivating, otherworldly and she's quite the eye catcher. Blows kisses your way, bites her lips and looks at you with lust, her hand caressing her lips and sliding ever so slowly down her neck and beyond. Oozing sensuality and a burning desire. It's your secret message. She's an interesting one, a bit of a mystery...unforgettable.